A ministry of Cornerstone Church

Meet the team.

Calley Reed

Founder & 
Executive Director
Calley holds her bachelors degree in developmental psychology/ and her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education in the Montessori classroom. She is presently wrapping up her Master’s degree in clinical mental health and counseling, and will soon be a licensed counselor. Her role at LHM, is to aid in needs related to the daily workings of the school and health of the students, monitor the vision, growth and progress of the school, and ensure we are hitting  accreditation benchmarks.

Pastor Danny Reed

Pastoral Oversight and Spiritual Growth
 Pastor Danny guides the school culture in walking out implementation of the values and vision set in place as a Ministry.

Kirsten Thurman

Lead Administrator
Kirsten comes to us with years of teaching experience both in California and in Louisiana. She holds her master’s degree in teaching and brings much wisdom and experience to the table. She handles the administrative details pertinent to the daily workings of the school, along with ongoing growth and success.

Pastor John Thurman

Marketing Leader
Pastor JT is the head of marketing for Living Hope. He will also be striving to implement a volunteer team, which allows for many additional opportunities for our students.

Pastor Todd Welch

Chief Encourager and Grounds Overseer
Pastor Todd keeps the vision of what God will do through Living Hope alive in the hearts of many.  Pastor Todd also oversees and delegates maintenance of the school campus.

Lanna Floyd

Early Childhood Development Teacher
Mrs. Lanna is full of life, innovation, and has a heart to serve. Her students love her! She is walking through certification through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies.

Penny Craft

Elementary 1 Teacher
Mrs. Penny has been teaching for over 20 years and is certified in elementary education in the Montessori classroom. Mrs. Penny is going on her fourth year teaching in the Montessori classroom and has been an ongoing support in the growth and health of LHM.

Wendy Wolle

Elementary 2 Teacher
 Wendy Wolle is our Elementary 2 teacher. Mrs. Wolle has her bachelor's degree in science and comes to us from West Virginia with a teaching background and a heart of faith for her students. She and her husband are the pastors at the River Assembly in Vidalia. 

Bridgette Sowell

Early Childhood Assistant
Ms. Bridget is an assistant in our early childhood classroom this year! Bridget has such a warm and welcoming spirit and she thoroughly enjoys working with children.

Delta Groh

Early Childhood Assistant
Mrs. Delta is an assistant in early childhood. She loves children and has a life-call to work with them! She is excited to be working with 3-6 year olds this year.

Debbie Kirby

Elementary 1 Assistant
Ms. Debbie is our elementary 1 assistant! All of our students love her because she is such a motivator and encourager, in and out of the classroom!

Brenda Van Handel

Elementary 2 Assistant
Ms Brenda is an assistant in the elementary 2 classroom! She has taught art to our students and is adored by all! She is an expert on Native American art and also plants and foraging!