A ministry of Cornerstone Church

Elementary Program

Our Elementary Montessori Program is divided into two levels: Lower Elementary (6-9-year-olds) and Upper Elementary (9-12-year-olds). Each level is a multi-age community where students collaborate with others of different ages and abilities, learning to accomplish a goal cooperatively. This process encourages the child to contribute ideas, listen to others, and learn to compromise.
Elementary children have an immense appetite for knowledge; they begin to think abstractly, and they have remarkable powers of imagination. The philosophy that underlies the Montessori elementary program is designed to help individuals search for their place in the universe and to recognize their relationship to other living things.  Through the study of creation from a Biblical perspective, children learn of how the universe came to be and God's purpose for each and every thing he created.  
Students experience abstract concepts through concrete experiences and hands-on learning materials. Critical thinking skills are enhanced as students “discover” and articulate these concepts for themselves. Our program is an integrated and academically challenging program that meets the child’s changing developmental needs from year to year.