A ministry of Cornerstone Church


Early Payment Discount:  Tuition that is paid in full by June 1, 2022 will receive a 5% discount. 
Sibling Discount: The oldest child of each family is considered the first child in the family.  Additional siblings receive a 10% tuition discount up to the 4th child.

Cornerstone Church Member Discount: Once verified, an additional 10% discount will be given to active church members of Cornerstone Church. Church membership verification will be required quarterly to qualify for the discount.

Pastoral Discount: Tuition discounts are offered for full-time Senior Pastors, who are the primary income providers in their household. When applying, please notify the principal of your Pastoral status. A confirmation letter from your church will be required and verified each year.

Active Military Personnel Discount: A discount is offered for families with a parent who is full-time active military personnel. When applying, notify our Admission Director of your military status. Confirmation will be required and verified each year.
Tuition Work Credit:  We also have a Tuition Work Credit Program (TWC) available for a limited number of families who may need assistance with their tuition. Tuition work credit allows school families to perform cleaning, maintenance, and extracurricular services at the school in exchange for a discount on tuition.

Tuition work credit duties are performed on a weekly basis throughout the school year, and special projects may be assigned over the summer. Tuition work credit is considered taxable income and is reported at the end of each calendar year on IRS Form W2.

For more information about the TWC Program or to request a TWC application, please contact our office at admin@livinghopemontessori.net.

Limitation of Discounts – Discounts cannot exceed 50% of the standard tuition for any given child or family.